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    • Dandong HuaYang Textile and Garment Co.,Ltd-Branch Knit factory, Located at No# 170,Wuyingzi Village, Zhenan District, Donggang City, Liaoning Province .It was established in August,2008.There is more than 300 employees now.

             Dandong Huayang Textiles and Garment Co., Ltd. has already developed as an all-round textiles and Garment enterprise after many years great effort, integrating knitting fabric making、dying、printing& embroidering、clothing making. Knitting factory is one of its branches.

      It is equipped with high-class knitting machines — 40 big circular knitting machines brands HK Wildhorse,16 flat knitting machines, among them there’re  30 inch common single side machines 16, 30 inch common single side machines specializing in sweater fabric knitting 4,,34 inch common single side machines 10,double side & rib knitting dual purpose machines 4,complete computer dropper machines 6,computer flat knitting machines 6, common flat knitting machines 10.
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    • Dandong Huayang clothing factory is a branch factory of Dandong Huayang Textiles and Garments Co., Ltd. Our factory was found in 1998. It is a comprehensive clothing manufacturer. Business scope involves design, production, processing, sales, and other areas for leisure clothing and brand clothing. The introduction of new technology and talent, production and service of standardized management, and untiring efforts of “HUAYANG PEOPLE”, all of them set up “HUAYANG GARMENTS” for our Customers in a good brand image-- the reasonable price, accurate, fine workmanship, tailoring exquisite, considerate service. We have been unswervingly pursue "integrity, professional, the fashion" business philosophy, for you and your enterprise making more fashionable, excellent quality of beautiful dress.

             Now there is construction area of 2000 square meters, more than 500 workers, more than 300 machines (including complete equipments which were used for producing of knit garments and woven garments).
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    • Dandong HuaYang Textile and Garment Co.,Ltd-Branchs Sweater factory was founded in 2009, the investment of 50 million yuan, the construction area of 7000 square meters, and now owns computer flat knitting machine 320 units (12 g, 7 g, 5 g), common flat knitting 50 sets, semi-automatic equipment 200 sets, sweater linking machine 300 sets, special sewing equipment 10 sets, the enterprise staff more than 500 people, including management personnel 30 people, technical personnel 20 people, every year exported sweater 3 million pieces. The products are mainly exported to the United States, Germany, Canada, South Korea, Japan and Russia and other countries, and by the unanimous favorable comment of customers all over the world.

             Advanced equipment, superb technology, good reputation, quality of products have won the trust of customers, showing strong market competitiveness. Sweater people are with full enthusiasm, steadfast work attitude, the honest code of honor's personality charm sincerely welcome domestic and overseas clients to negotiate the business, and seek common development.
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    • Dandong Huayang printing factory was found in 1998. It has well printing equipments, and there are more than 30 workers with advanced technology, advanced plate making technology, and good quality production.

             Our printing factory mainly services for garment print. Printing technique type was complete, mainly as plasmagel printing, watermark, foaming printing, golden hot printing, flock printing, block printing, high-profile wave printing, transfer printing, flash-piece printing, special material printing etc. 

             Our product has many merits, such as easy printing, well fastness, beautifully colored, good hand feeling and good elasticity. And it uses environmental protection paste printing, adapts to  the request of both international environmental groups and Europe environmental protection export so that our product was well received by customers.
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    • The embroidery factory was found in 2004. Now there is construction area of 5000 square meters more than 70 computer embroidery machines, as well as more than 200 vigorous employees, including Korean designer 2, Computer plate-making personnel 8. Our factory with advanced technology, excellent quality management concept, and constantly introducing new equipment occupy the market and win customer's favor.

            1. There are 7 sets of electronic embroidering of towel, with towel embroidery, chains, sequin embroidery, flat embroidery mixing function, creating a higher commodity value.

            2. There are 7 coil mixed computerized embroidery machines, with plate rope, dribbling, sequins, flat embroidery mixed embroidery function Etc.
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    • Dandong HuaYang Textile and Garment Co.,Ltd-Branchs Washing factory was founded in May, 2010. There are 200 pounds of dryer machine 14 sets, the sample machine (4), 600 - pound washing machine (4), 200 - pound dehydrator (2), the ribbon hung dyeing machine 1, the multi-function crane dyeing machine one. Years of processing garment washed more than 3 million pieces (garment dye 100000, cowboy 120000, enzyme wash 200000, garment wash 3 million ) fabric wash 30000 meters. There are three wash technology penson follow up the production process until finished, employees 15 people. We have professional wash technology and equipment, implement international standards of professional color light box, using imported raw materials and additives environmental protection dye, the main washing list as follow:
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