• Dandong Huayang Textiles & Garments Co., Ltd is located at the bank of the Yalu river, the traffic is very convenient, which is away from the airport 20 kilometers, the train station 12 kilometers, ShenDan/Danda highway 6 km, 201 national highway 1 km. Geographical location advantages and convenient traffic conditions, created the company many new market opportunities. "Huayang people" is to win the favor of the customers and high-speed development, with the management idea of " Self-confidence , Mutual trust , Honesty ", the quality of the efficiency of first-class services, superb quality and highly competitive market price. With the reform of economic system and the market economy system establishment, and join the WTO, our company is becoming a “Independent development ,Their own profits and losses” Entity. In the ever-changing domestic and external environment of market competition situation, our company's strategic goal is to maintain integrity, quality, and seek common development with customers.

    Dandong Huayang Textiles & Garments Co., Ltd was established in 1998, with a registered capital of RMB 11 million. There are sweater factory, woven garments factory, knitting clothing factory, knitting fabric factory, washing factory, embroidery factory, printing factory, and the total land area is 95,000 square meters, construction area of 50000 square meters. The company is a body comprehensive enterprise incorporating costume design, manufacturing, fabric, embroidery, and printing, possessing the abundant technical force, complete quality assurance system and rich practical experience. We will with strong enterprise management, excellent quality, the whole of good corporate image make a best company in the world.

    Dandong Huayang Textiles & Garments Co., Ltd mainly produces and sells all kinds of casual wear, knitting clothing, children clothing, embroidery gauze and knitting fabrics. Products are mainly exported to America, Canada, South Korea, Japan and Russia etc, and get the praise of customers all over the world.

    Through over ten years of hard struggle, now it has more than 1500 staffs among ,including more than 80 persons are technical and more than 80 persons executive talents, ,Subordinate long-term cooperation factory over 30,and fixed asset more than RMB 100 million. The company's annual export are 1 million pieces casual wear, 600,000 sets children clothing, 8 million pieces knitting clothing, 3 million pieces sweaters and 20,000M embroidery gauze. Annual sales have reached $60 million. It has become one of the largest garment enterprises in Liaoning province.

    Company’s chairman ---Junkai Yu with all Huayang people welcomes the clientsin the world to visit and negotiate election business, and seek common development
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